How many days to evict in your state? PA is 38!!!!!

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I took a quick look at the proposed texts. While I understand the idea behind, it seems like it will fail in execution. The main difference I see is that it requires the magistrate and the constable to move quicker. That's fine, but what are you going to do when they don't? Sue the magistrate and constable? 

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I'm not sure I understand what you all are talking about, lol.  Are there rules in place where you all live that eviction hearings or the eviction process on the part of the court are required to happen within X number of days?

I don't think there is anything like that where I live.  I've only had a handful of evictions.  My longest one took 4 weeks, plus an extra week for the constable visit when the tenant still didn't move out on the eviction day/time set by the court.  My shortest one took 11 days!

As an aside, the shorter one is in an area that is kind of a weird set-up.  It's technically Orleans Parish (county).  But the particular area (west of the MS River) where that property is, has it's own courthouse and eviction **cough, better, cough** court than the main City Hall eviction court.

In "main" NOLA, the tenant has to leave by noon the next day when you win an eviction.  But, if they don't, you have to go back and file for a constable visit.  In the special courthouse for Westbank issues, evictions are also the next day.  But you schedule the constable visit before leaving the courthouse, so it all happens at the same time.  While of course, evictions are never a good thing.  The automatically scheduling the constable visit to coincide with the court's eviction day/time is  simplified and sheer brilliance!

@Robert M.

10000 years in NY. Oh that’s an exaggeration it’s probably more than that. Did I mention you have to pay for the tenants food, healthcare, shelter, kids, and more! Heck, you should just move your tenant into your house and have them freeload off of you! Then have your state government yell at you for being a greedy pig. Oink! Rant over.