Property Manager from Hell-Need Legal Advice

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Dear Big Blogger community;

I am asking for advice: Can I pursue any legal action against the property manager that I hired to manage my rental property?

I own a rental property and due to neglect on the part of the property manager in not having the sprinkler system fixed amongst other things. The result is now I am left with big foundation repairs.

The tenant has reached out to the property manager multiple times and there was no response or communication.

What recourses if any do I have the property is in TX.

Best Regards

In IL there would have to be 3 written requests for maintenance or repair from tenants in order for neglect to be established. Emails don't count in the state of IL. I am not familiar with Texas law but this might be a good starting point to inquire about. 

@Sonny Samuelson , I am curious how neglect of the sprinkler system caused big foundation repairs.

I would research your state laws and define what neglect is first.  You could start in the real estate department of your local/state.

Also, I would inform the PM they are in breach of their contract.  First you'll want to review your management agreement for how they handle neglect.