Tenant angry about AC

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I have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms in my rentals and also the living or family rooms.  In Florida, AC is not required by statute, so if your tenant is unhappy let them out of their lease and move on.  I had one tenant run the CHA so low there was condensation on the windows.  When one complains they had the electric company run an audit and say more attic insulation was needed I say if you plan to stay it might pay for you to install it at your own expense to save on your electric bill.  I install energy efficient windows and doors when I buy a house and most of my AC units are newer and under warranty, so if it's not cool enough for the tenant they can move on to another place.

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@Casey Powers C'mon... you try functioning in a 78 degree house. Nice outside but awful inside. I can all but guarantee that you would be upset as well. Your comment is dismissive and not helpful at all.

LOL. Seriously? On what planet is 78 degrees “awful”?? That’s patently absurd. In humid climates it is not always reasonable to expect an AC to cool more than 20 or so degrees below outside temps. Let’s get real. 78 is hardly “awful”. And I was born and raised in high humidity, including living in New Orleans where the summer humidity gets to ungodly 98-99%. 78 degrees was just fine there as it is in drier climates. Bluntly, I think folks arguing that 78 is “non-functional” are flat out nuts. 

Some folks clearly just have unrealistic expectations. 

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Tenant is whining that it gets "up to" a whopping 78 degrees in the afternoon? Sounds like tenant needs to stop whining. Sorry, it's not always possible to cool more than 20 or so degrees below outside temperature.

 YES! Looking for diplomatic ways to explain this.

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Question. This is my first rental. I've rehabbed and installed a new central AC. It is having trouble keeping up with the gulf coast heat. I had it checked out and it is operating normally. I added attic insulation but it still can't keep up. It is the right size for the house. So I put a portable AC in the living room. It's in rollers and can easily be moved from room to room. But my tenant is angry saying that is too much of a hassle. It is only in the afternoon that the house is too hot. It gets up to 78 degrees without the portable. I don't think I can replace the unit this year. Note this is a class C neighborhood so it doesn't command high rent.

Advice on dealing with a disgruntled. Tenant? By the way, she let a toilet leaks go u reported until I had to replace the floor.

 Hey Julie! How did this play out and especially in August heat this year?

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Tell the Tenant to keep the windows and doors closed; curtains on every single window and door during the heat of the day.

 Do your tenants receive this recommendation well?