IKEA Kitchens Installed

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Have any of you tried the IKEA showroom kitchens with installation in a rental? Just curious to see how much it cost and how much the installation ended up costing in the end.

I love mine in the rental. Twenty-five year warranty - broken piece, return for a replacement, no hassle but hold onto the receipt. I wait until their annual or bi-annual kitchen sale. I hire out the assembly and install to an ikea kitchen pro installer (traveling ikea installer for same price as local install costs) to avoid an install that’s less than perfect.  Tenants as you know can be tough on things.  I’ve done 2 of their cabinet styles. I believe the white shaker ones were midrange for price. I’m sold on them cause I don’t like replacing rental stuff but I like the places to look nice. 

Interesting to hear the opinion of Mags S. on their rental with Ikea cabinets. My opinion of ikea cabinets for rental has always been to stay away from. Was weary of the particle board construction. I am interested to know what Mags experience have been on how the drawer fronts are holding up.This is the first potential problem with those cabinets. I have always advised people to go to a local kitchen store and purchase RTA cabinets (Ready To Assemble), they are all wood and fairly inexpensive. And they are easier to install as well, because the cabinets are framed, ikea is frameless.. 

Same goes for cabinets off the shelf in home depot or lowes. Drawer fronts falling off, drawer glides braking... My choice Ready To Assemble cabinets