Precedence - State or County Rent Control Law?

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Hello guys! In August 2019, Sacramento county enacted a rent control law and now there is state law AB1482 that just passed the California Assembly and is currently waiting for the governor's signature.

Which one am I supposed to follow? According to state law, a single family home that is not owner occupied is subject to rent control of 5%+CPI with a max of 10%. While county law says that single family homes are not included in rent control and the rent control rate is 6%+CPI yearly. In addition, subsidized housing is not subject to rent control according to the county, but I think in AB1482, it is also subject to rent control.

This is confusing and horrible for landlords.


If the state "law" hasn't been signed by the governor yet, then it's not actually a law and you need not follow it.  The Sacramento statute is the one you should follow. 

- JM

If the state law passes, county law will have to follow state law....county law can be more restrictive, but it can not be less restrictive.  Essentially, whichever is more restrictive.