BRRRR - ceate a company?

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Hi There,

I new on the eal esate business and i thinking on taking the BRRRR path.
Is better to buy the properties in my name or should i create a LLC a buy the propeties in th business name?

In others ords is will be more beneficiary to stay with personal taxes or business taxes?

All feeback are more than welcome thank you for taking in your time in helping me with your advise.

Also is there any REI especialize in BRRRR in the Olando Area in the forum? i will love to hear any suggestion that you can provided.

Thank you

@Flavio Espinal

You'll find you want the properties in your personal name until you complete your refinancing step as personal conforming mortgage loans are probably the most appropriate loan product you will find for starting out.

Thank you @Todd Rasmussen. So basically i buy the property cash in my name then i found someone to rent it and after that i refi (conv loan hopefully with 20% equity) in my company name?

Buy in your own name. Rent the house. 

Refinance in your own name.  Transfer the deed after closing to your entity.  

Or use good insurance and do not transfer the deed, but leave in your own name.