Help me Rent my Home!

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Hey everyone,

We've been using a few of the same listing services such as Zillow, Craigslist,, and for getting the word out about renting our home.  We have had some nibbles but no bites any other services I am missing that you guys have had success with?

Just curious what service works best for you.

Does your town have a private group on facebook market place? Honestly, we use all those that you have listed in your original post but we get a ton of leads through facebook. Post it on facebook and get ready to get lots of interest from many people that won't qualify and a few that will. :)

Good luck

...add .... I'd nix craigslist. I had someone duplicate my CL ad, lower the rent and try to get people to send them a deposit. 

I just rented a house.  I listed with Cozy, Zillow and Facebook rental groups in my area.  Cozy and Zillow relist with other sites, of these Move got a lot of inquiries.  I also put a sign in the yard.

I got NO inquiries from Cozy.  Personally even posting their link on all ads and the sign in the front yard, no one used them.  I thing that the link to the listing is too long.  Wish we could use something like as the link so people could remember it and type it.

Over half the inquiries came from the yard sign with my home number and the Cozy link.  They called.  Next came inquiries from Move--none of these people can read--what is the rent, deposit, pets, etc. all clearly in the add, then came the Zillow inquiries, which were all good inquiries.  

I did rent to one of the Zillow/sign inquiries and are now set up for rent payments through Cozy.

Took a week.

Facebook is huge. Search your facebook for "Allentown classifieds" or "Allentown rentals" or "Allentown rentals" and you're sure to find something. Try to join as many as possible, join them, and create free ads. This not only exposes your rental to others, it enables viewers to share it with their contacts and expand your reach.

@Nick Ferrari when I listed my property back in March, I got the most "hits" off of facebook and from a sign in the yard. If you use facebook though, be prepared to get a lot of messages saying "Is this available?" Facebook has a button or something that prompts potential renters to use that as their first response to your ad, I know some people get annoyed with it. Also, although I had a ton of response on FB, about 80% weren't interested once they found out the details of the property even though those details were already listed in the FB ad. So if I were you I'd have a pre-written first response ready to copy-paste as a reply, something along the lines of:

"Hi XYZ, yes the property is currently available. As the ad states, it is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1800 sq ft single family house in Allentown listed at $900/month. The property is non-smoking and we do allow dogs (limit 2) depending on breed. We are looking for applicants with 650+ credit scores, no prior evictions, no criminal record, and with monthly income equal to 3 x monthly rent. Would you like to schedule a tour?"

The response to this will often be "oh I didn't realize that" or "oh I can't afford that", so this will keep you from wasting much time on the 80% who aren't serious or wouldn't qualify and didn't bother to read your original ad. Good luck!

@Nick Ferrari it can be regional, but my experience is that yard signs and Facebook are currently the two best sources of leads. Have the yard sign phone number go to a voice mail with property details and price. 

If these two options don't get you better results, then most likely your price is too high.