Damage from tenants moving in

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Hi everyone,

I had tenants move in to a unit of mine about 3 months ago.  I inspect all of my units in September and March and during this September inspection, they told me (and showed me) some minor damage they caused from moving in.  It is just two paint scrapes (no spackle required). 

I know about it and have documented it, but do I make them fix it now?  My logic is that they have to live with it until they move out if they don't want to get it fixed now.  From their perspective I understand not wanting to pay to have it repaired if they're ok living with it.  In a perfect world, if they move out and it's still like that, it'll come out of their security deposit.  However, I also understand that I shouldn't let little stuff like this pile up.  So do I require that it gets fixed ASAP (my contractor and bill them back for it) or do I let it go for a few months until maybe a bunch of small things pile up and I can take care of them all in one shot.  In other words, if they're not complaining about it, should I fix it?

If they stay there for 3 to 5 years expect more paint issues, (and possibly a repaint to refresh the unit that you pay for).

If it were mine, and they don't mind the scrapes, I'd just leave them and see if they fall under the owners time to repaint category.

If you have to turn the unit without (it's time to) repaint, then I'd have them pay at exit. 

Good Luck!

They might damage it again moving out. I would probably wait until they move out to have it repaired. 

I'd leave it unless you have the time to do a quick touch up.  did it remove the paint or is there a mark on the paint?  That latter can be fixed with a quick wipe of a magic eraser.

It would be different if it was something that will get worse over time or cause more damage like a detached downspout or leaky faucet.  

Thanks for the input everyone!  I gave them the option of having it fixed or not.  So if they're ok with it, I'll leave it.

I appreciate the help