Smartlocks or Keypad Locks for Rental Properties

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Just about to close on my 1st househack rental!  I have to replace some of the locks and wondering if I should just make the jump to a keypad or smartlock instead of the cheaper/traditional lock for all units?

Love to hear suggestions about pros/cons or experiences with any of you folks who've utilized these as replacements.

@Brad Taylor I prefer the Kwikset Smart key technology. It’s affordable and easy to rekey when the property turns over.

The keypad or other smart lock are great if your offering a smart home with lots of other smart features

@Brad Taylor I would avoid keypad or smart locks just due to more problems over time. You learn as a landlord to "tenant proof" a property is very important. I use the Kwikset smart key and I pay extra for the commercial grade version. Same with door handles, I buy commercial knobs. They cost more, but hold up better over time. A door knob/lock is used multiple times a day, so you never want to go cheap on it.

@Brad Taylor , I prefer the smart key from quickset for individual units since it is way easier to change the key that replace the whole lock.

I have also used smart locks with fobs or cards for a shared front door they help specially when you are trying to keep unregistered occupants or people away from your properties since we only give the cards to the lease holder and they can be deactivated if they move out or lost.

Hope this helps

Here is a link to company we use

I'd be very interested to hear from other PMs and investors who are self managing, what is their total number of doors managed and whether they have made the switch to smart locks vs. using the kwikset smart key system.

It probably doesn't matter since you have only one house and not to many keys to keep track of but you should check out the kwikset 816 lock. I even did a video about it on my IG @diy_landord. Its a pretty cool lock especially when you have multiple units.

@Brad Taylor

When I first started I just changed out the cylinders from one property to another so never went back into the same property but Kwikset cane up with the smart key. We like those but they came give you trouble. Buy the cradle rekey device in case you go to rekey and it doesn’t set so now you have a lock that won’t open or close.

As someone pointed out using commercial grade for common/main door to complex is the way to go. The individual units can go with basic regular locks as they are cheaper until you get more units then get smart keys. If you are not handy and you are paying to get new locks then I’d suggest getting smart key since to rekey it takes less than a minute.

Rekey using smartkey also is great when rehabbing or while unit is vacant. We use random key while rehabbing then rekey to match office key during showings. And lastly rekey with fresh keys once tenant moves in to insure no extra key is wondering out there.