Tenant damages in SF

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Hey everyone! I’m still relatively new to this landlord thing so thought I’d ask the forums for advice. My tenant recently sent pictures of the bathroom pedestal sink. He apparently tripped and broke the pedestal portion in half (not sure how you break one and not the other). The sink appears to be in decent shape still. So I wasn’t planning on just replacing the pedestal. My property management company said it’s up to me if I pay for the repairs or have the tenant do it. Shouldn’t be too expensive. Haven’t had any issues with him yet and would like him to stay at the end of the contract. What should I do? 

@Jordan Hechinger

I have the conversation up front with folks. My line is always- don’t be scared to call me if something breaks. If you break it you buy it, but my guy can fix cheaper and faster than you can. The main reason why is - I want them to call me with issues. If they see a leak I want it reported, it scared it’s going to cost them money.

Depending on the length of the lease, and relationship with tenant, I’d most likely offer to split it with them. The reason being- if I have a good tenant I want them to stay, and feel like a courtesy here and there goes a long way.