Screening illegal immigrants. Screening people without SS number

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I am trying to rent out a house in newburgh ny.

I generally know how to screen, but I am getting a bunch of illegal aliens, without social security numbers..

Any tips on screening them?

Why are you collecting social security numbers to screen anyone? I'd (personally) steer clear of screening criteria related to "illegal aliens" since it's not that big of a leap for someone to claim you are discriminating against them based on their race, color, or national origin, which are protected classes. I use 3rd party background check service so I'm not handling any personal info (especially social security number). If they can't provide enough info to the service to get through the background check, then that's what I would deny them for.

@Amanda Sontag

I use cozy.

I don't ask for the ss numbers, but I have a minimum credit score, and can't seem to get any credit information on some people.

Ironically, many of them are my preferred choices. I just want to gather whatever info I can to eliminate any problem tenants

ah, got it. I'd probably give more weight to their income and job stability (have they been at the same job a while, or do they bounce around?), rental history, and references. Maybe ask for a cosigner to satisfy the credit requirements. This situation hasn't come up for me, but I think this is what I would do if I had the same problem.