Apartment building utilities update

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The apartment building I currently live in and pay rent in includes free water and heat delivered through radiators/furnace. The air conditioning is strictly window units no central air. I’m assuming people are using more hot water and the building is wasting heat in the winter by now having each unit responsible for individual consumption and I’m hoping if I could connect the property owner with a contractor that could update the building they could earn more profits over time and pay me for the connection or reduce rent or share profits or whatever works.

So the question is who should I contact to inspect the building and how should I approach the owner of the property and who should I contact first and who should I contact to draft me a legal contract to make sure I get compensated? Can anyone recommend people in the area that can help?

The property is in Mt. Rainier MD, 20712 right outside NE Washington DC.


John Quattrini

Not to be a downer, but I'm certain the property owner already knows exactly how much they're spending on heat, and how much it would cost to install separate heat for every unit. 

The chance that anyone would pay for such a suggestion (or a "connection") seems extremely small.

You should start a business in which you offer the service to separately meter units for water, gas, and electric in apartment buildings. I agree with @Russ B. , if it was economically feasible the landlord would have already done it.