Roommate tenants fighting

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We have two female friends(were friends) renting out a house from us. Now the both of them have been calling me to have the other evicted. Both are in the lease but unfortunately we didn’t specify on who would get the deposit or if one is primary. Looking for any advice on how to proceed. Thanks 

Tell them you are a real estate investor, not a counselor. If they want to play adult and choose who they live with, they can play adult and figure out how to work out their problems.

When roommates or neighbors call to complain, tell them to work it out or call the cops. It's not your problem.

If they end up moving out, make the security deposit check payable to both of them.  It's their responsibility to work together at least to cash it!  Unless they direct you otherwise and then get it in writing.

For example, I had a couple who broke up and gave their notice they would not be renewing the lease.  I told them I would be making the security deposit check payable to both of them, unless they told me differently.  They both told me Tenant A should get the full security deposit return.  Easy enough.  But, just to protect myself, I wrote up a document outlining that and had Tenant B sign it.