Renovation on rental with current tenants

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 Hello, this is my first rental property. I lived here previous to renting it out and didn’t come across any plumbing issues while living there. 

Now we have three tenants,  and we have had a few issues that we have been completely on top of and have fixed right away. Our newest issue is that our bathtub upstairs had a leak, entering the room below and exterior. 

The only way to fix was to basically do a bathroom renovation. Our tenants have complained every step of the way. We  are reducing this months rent, we are paying for a cleaners once the jobs done, we’ve outlined exactly how long this job is for. (Two weeks during business days and hours) And one other detail is the house has two bathrooms so only one is unable to be used currently. 

Is there anyway we could be brought to small claims or sued for this due to the   Necessary rehab? 



@Kellen Bailey . I would not think you could be sued for maintenance and things breaking you’re fixing them in a timely fashion and even giving them reduced rent. Tenants will complain but I wouldn’t be fixing and giving them reduced rent welcome to renting. Don’t keep giving them reduced rent every time something breaks for all you know I could be them causing it to break not on purpose but a hair clog in the bathtub they aren’t keeping clear leak!! You do it once they will expect it every time. If they do my tenants resources would run out long before mine do. Reserves is what we call it. If they are complaining so much if you are at a point you don’t need them then give them the happy clause if you are unhappy you can can leave and I’ll keep your security deposit I’m sure they will either leave or keep their mouth shut. Tenants are my children and my children behave. If they don’t they get the boot poor kids. I have one A class and one C class and I never hear them complain for the most part. Ya know kids 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

Kellen, no.  You're making a necessary and critical repair to the property.  You had no choice to fix it - not only to protect the property but to ensure the health and safety of both tenants.  I have learned that the more we do to appease tenants, the more that is expected - not appreciated - but expected more times than not.  So, be at peace. You've done everything right and the complainers now have the opportunity to seek someone else to torture.  

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