Evicting a tenant while owner occupying a two family

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Own and live in a two family and am just starting the eviction process with the downstairs tenant. Once they vacate I want to move into their unit and make a few repairs. In order for this process to not to entirely suck money out of my pocket (their rent currently covers most of the mortgage). I’m wondering if I can rent out my unit and move in with a friend temporarily until they vacate. Would that cause issues with my owner occupancy status? I’m hoping it’s only for a few weeks but i also haven’t been through an eviction before and cant predict the future.

I'm assuming this is a FHA loan. If this happened to me, once the downstairs people are gone I would bring a sleeping bag/futon in there and tell the lender I'm moving into the downstairs and renting the upstairs out where I had been living.

There shouldn't be a problem if it's only for a few weeks and you plan on returning (though I would keep some proof of staying there in the unlikely event they check though I believe communicating the situation will be all you need to do; though keeping a daily repair log would be good as you could argue you didn't want to stay overnight and inhale the paint fumes and sanded joint compound dust).

Ha yeah, i dont mind living in a place while renovating. My real question is- Is it possible to move out of the whole house temporarily (when i've got an owner occupied loan) with the intention of moving back in once the downstairs tenant is evicted. My hope is i'd only move out for a few weeks but apparently the worse case scenario it could be up to 6 months.