My tenant's son turned 18 mid lease contract.   He is listed on the Section 8 contract as a "Child/Occupant".   He has become verbally abusive toward my tenant and has had two instances of destructive behavior.  He smoked in the house, which is strictly forbidden and decided it was a good idea to put the butts out on the white vinyl sill.  The window now has to be replaced.    Several months later he threw something through the front window.   The tenant quickly replaced the window before I was notified.    She has now approached me asking if I can evict him.   I asked her if she told him to get out and she responded that he threatened to break every window in the house.    I'm not really sure how to proceed.   Can I legally evict or eject him?  Is it the tenant's responsibility to remove him from the house if she so chooses?  His threat is apparently in a text message, but I do not currently have possession of that message.  Any advice as to a direction I should consider pursuing would be greatly appreciated.