Should I get rid of the original cast iron tub?

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We are currently living in a triplex and renovating our units bathroom. The original cast iron tub is in place and would look great with the classic retro reno we are doing. However the tub has already been resurfaced once and is peeling. My question is, would it be worth looking into a bath liner and keeping the existing original cast iron tub or replace it with a cheaper option such as steel or fiberglass? We plan on doing white subway tile all the way around the tub.

Thanks for any feedback!

A question of cost. If it costs more to reline / repaint the tub then I would say no. I would replace it with steel and not fibreglass as that might not go with the aesthetic you're going for! 

Good luck with whatever you choose :-)  

This is not 1922 or Europe. Most people want showers. I would remove it and replace with a shower or shower/tub combo.

If you decide to keep it, I would find a professional to refinish it. I've used Miracle Method to refinish tubs and sinks and they will make it better than new, no peeling or chipping.