Cleaning hard wood floors

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I'm rehabbing an old house. I'm trying not to do a complete refinish of the floors. Two rooms with hard wood floors built at different years. The one has a nice shiny finish but the carpet pad left gooy spots. Goo gone works to remove it and doesn't hurt the finish but takes a lot of time (lots of goo spots). The second floor needs a good cleaning but with what. I think it needs something more than vinegar/water or peroxide. Menards has several floor cleaners but which one? Some are pricey. Of course I am going to try the vinegar first but looking ahead...maybe too far. lol. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

WD40...while putting oil on a wood floor is not recommended, WD40 removes the goo instantly (wipes off with paper towel).  The vinegar and water has proven to be a complete dud and most of the floor cleaners that were tried still left the reside behind.  Hope this helps... 

Not sure about getting the of up - have you just tried water? (Not a lot)

But for cleaning and ‘polishing’ I always use Murphy oil soap. Wipe it on, let it dry. It shines the wood up nicely.