is landlord random apartment inspection legal?

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I attached the letter that all the apartments received today. It says that they need to come inside all our apartments this week only to look around. I want to know what are they going to look for? they never done this before in the past 15 years I lived here.

should I hide any cash, credit cards or jewelry that is laying around the house and electronics as well that can possibly become stolen?

I am sure they are going to check everyones apartment to see if anyone is growing drugs, weapons, and what ever other illegal activities there could be going. I think this is a cover up scheme and possibly home invasion to ezzz drop on people.

what do you guys think

In most jurisdictions, landlord or their representative can enter the premises with 24 hours notice.

In addition to what @Russell Brazil said, it's clear that they are trying to schedule with the tenants to be present for the inspection.

Yes, this is perfectly legal even if they've never done it before. If you are concerned, you should call them as the letter states, and also look up what the "local law 55" is that they're referencing.

Most good landlords will inspect their properties occasionally. I do once a year, and set an appointment like yours is doing. I am not looking for illegal activities per se, because I screen my tenants well. What I am doing is looking under sinks for water leaks, dripping faucets, leaking toilet flappers.  I’m changing batteries in the smoke detectors and CO detectors, changing the air filter, looking at the backyard landscaping (which is on a watering system). I’m also making sure the tenant isn’t a hoarder, doesn’t have extra pets, or damaging the walls. 

You should definitely put away any cash or valuables, because you don’t know who exactly is coming in.  My tenants usually walk around with us during the inspection, which you should be welcome to do too.  

This is a good thing and perfectly legal. They will make sure there are no leaks, the appliances are working, change the furnace filters, check to see if anything needs fixed etc. 

They're allowed to inspect their property given that they presented you with a respectable timeframe. In some units I know landlord will inspect the unit before every lease signing to make sure it is in fair condition. It is also advised by the insurance company to make sure all egresses are cleared and accessible for emergencies so that's also a valid reason. 

Landlords are entitled to have access to their (NOT "your") apartment on reasonable advance notice (as per your Lease). All paranoia aside, they are not looking for "drugs, weapons, and what ever other illegal activities..."

Landlord is doing regular inspections for maintenance, any necessary repairs such as plumbing leaks, confirming smoke and CO2 detectors are functioning and the presence of safety features such as fire extinguishers.

Please cooperate with your Landlord. It's in your best interest.

@Arty Fresh ...if that is your real name...

It sounds like you're paranoid. It is completely normal for a Landlord to want to put eyes on their property every year or so. Believe it or not, sometimes tenants trash places and Landlords would prefer to find that out after one year of damage, not six.

If they wanted to sneak into your rental and dig through your underwear drawer, why would they announce it in advance? They could let themselves in with a key, rifle through your anime collection, backwash in your milk, and you'd never be the wiser.