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How do you handle a situation in which you have multiple qualified applicants apply? Clearly you can choose just one so how do you handle this? How do you handle turning the others down?

@Brandy Carter

Did you do a credit and background check on all applicants?? Always verify

Once you pick an applicant send them an email or letter promptly letting them know of your decision.

I find the best of the applicants. Best credit score, most income, longest time at their job etc.

I let the facts pick for me so that I can't be accused of discrimination.

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@John Underwood

Do I then email them that they qualified but someone else was choosen? Or how do I handle telling the people that aren’t selected for basically no reason.?

 I would just say that someone else had a higher qualification than they did.

@Brandy Carter

Be brief w your response you don’t need to provide a long explanation. Don’t be surprise if you get call backs after sending a response wanting more of an explanation. Certain people can’t take any type of rejection I had some interesting applicants call me back after I notified them that property was no longer available especially if they know you’re the landlord which I made the mistake of doing. Fortunately I now have good PMs I don’t deal w applicants I gladly pay the PM fee.

@Brandy Carter No need to go into details of when responding.

Simply thank them( I usually call) for giving you the opportunity but unfortunately, another tenant was selected. That's it

Make sure the applicant you selected comes in to sign the lease and turns over a security deposit before turning the others down.  You can always let them know you have someone on the back burner to get them in to sign in a day or two.  No use sending someone away if you don't have a contract.  Just be kind and courteous with those you have to turn down.  It doesn't hurt to reach back out in 9 months or so to see how things ended up for them.  You might even pull one of them back if your current tenant chooses not to renew.