Bed bugs, NOT! Tenant annoying

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I have a tenant who has a complaint every week.  

The question de jour is “has there ever been a bed bug problem in this house?”

I told her it’s never been a concern and her response, “just wondering”.

Then I missed a call from her.

I am absolutely 100% positive bed bugs have never been a concern with this house.  If there are bed bugs, they had to have originated with her!  She’s lived in the house for 6 weeks now. 

How do you address this with your tenants?  Do you treat just because they have a concern?  Is there a way to screen for this?  

I don’t believe there are bed bugs. After this tenant having a new concern every week, I think she either wants out, or she’s neurotic...or both.

Other complaints: Washer/dryer hook ups are in the basement, child is wheezing must be mold (whole house was tested in’s not mold), washer/dryer hook up is in the basement, want to put washer/dryer hook up in the detached garage (Indiana), not enough room on the counter for their big microwave, the washer/dryer hook up is in the basement, want locks re-keyed because she thinks somebody entered her house (nothing missing), washer/dryer......

Driving me nuts!  

Welcome to being a landlord tenants drive you nuts take their concerns seriously and if it really is nothing then we move on.  Asking for photos or evidence especially with bedbugs and the like can be helpful.

In order to curtail some of these issues which may arise in the future a bed bug addendum, mold addendum ,as well as a move-in inspection report all should have been included at lease signing prior to moving in. It is very important to conduct a through briefing at lease signing from my experience as a PM when you are through it weeds out the nuisance.  I would start quoting the lease a good lease should state tenants  are not to make any alterations to the property without landlord approval.  

Even if you vet right someone will still slip through that constantly creates problems.  Best to nip this in the butt right away otherwise it will never stop.  Felicia is right for habitual complainers I reference the lease often and and ensure the issue is clearly closed.  
For the dryer request I would state something like "the property came in the present condition and the washer/dryer will not be moved.  If you would like it moved for your convenience their would be a charge of x.xx and an additional x.xx at move out to return the property to the condition prior to move in."  Just make sure the dollar amount covers your expenses and makes it worth your time.  Most of these types of nit picky requests end once they start hearing they have to cover it.

Regarding the bed bugs does your lease state anything about the tenant being responsible for pest control?  If they weren't their before the tenant the only way they would be their now if someone brought them in.  If they press the issue make sure to request proof before any actions are taken and then resort to your lease.  

Quick tip reverse good search any evidence you receive to make sure they weren't pulled off the internet.  Seen a few people try and use that one.

Tell her that she's clearly not happy there and offer her an out on the lease.  If not, tell her only to call if it is an emergency and if she mentions the washer/dryer, tell her that they are in the same place as when she viewed the unit prior to renting.

1. You're probably make too big a deal out of this. Instead of wondering what the missed call was about and getting yourself all worked up, why don't you just call her back? She probably butt-dialed you and you're getting worked up over nothing.

2. Bed bugs don't just appear. They are brought into the home. She's a new tenant so any bed bugs would be coming with her and she should be held responsible for treating it.

Not “freaking out”. Just very annoyed.  

I spoke with her today. The request of the day is for a letter stating the amount she pays for rent each month and that she is responsible for utilities so she can apply for food stamps.  I told her to use her lease for this purpose.  

Turns out that she is wanting a letter because the lease includes her boyfriend, she won’t qualify for food stamps with his income.  However, he still lives there.  So now she wants me to take him off the lease.

I think this is fraudulent because I believe he intends to continue living there.  

What will it be tomorrow?  Any bets?