Durable, low-maintenance flooring materials

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Hi, Everyone:

I am really tired of the carpet flooring in the rental property - it has to be replaced every a few years. Have you used other cost-effective flooring materials that are durable and last for 10+ years so I do not need to replace the carpet every other tenant moves out? Any recommendation is much appreciated! 


Waterproof vinyl plank. No question. You can install it anywhere and it looks great. Laminate would be my next choice. It's a little more expensive but just as durable. Installing this type of flooring is easy if the sub-floor is in good condition and level. 

I like vinyl plank over all other surfaces.  Cost effective.  Multiple pattern/styles.  Damn near indestructible.  Waterproof seams. Individual planks can be replaced.  I can lay it myself with a good pair of shears and knee pads.  I even now put it over good hardwood floors to protect them for when I go to sell the property.  They come up without damage.
I buy the Home Depot brand.  If you pay to have someone do it for you, just figure it will cost about the same for the labor. If you can use scissors, a razor  knife and a tape measure without needing a trip to the hospital, you'll do fine on your  own.

@Chase Gu Right now I shop at Lowe's, $2.30-$4.00 per sqft max, anything more and your wasting money. 

I'd buy a cordless oscillating tool (for door trim) and a laminate floor cutter. It will save you so much time. It's not very difficult to install. 

I like Allure vinyl plank by TrafficMaster.  Sold exclusively by Home Depot for about $1.70/sq ft.  I use the kind with overlapping glue strips.  In some cases, we've had problems with seam separation, but overall it works very well, and some slight separation isn't a major deal in my Class C rentals.  I still outshine the completion.  Laid my first floor using this material almost 8 years ago, and it still looks great!