3 day notice after partial rent payment

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Happy Monday BP,

I have an inherited tenant that has paid $340 out of the $500 monthly rent. I use Cozy for rent collection, which allows partial payment. Our lease have a $50 administration charge after the 5th so there is now $210 remaining due. I've owned the property for 3 months, but the tenant has been in the apartment for 6+ years. I texted the tenant on the 6th (tried to be polite) to ask when the remainder will be coming. I received no response however. Should I today (the 7th) then serve the 3 day notice? Is email a fair way to serve the 3 day notice if it's been an acceptable communication method historically? I can text or call her afterwards confirming she received the notice?

Thanks and happy investing,

Hi Andrew, when/how you serve notice will depend on the lease that the tenant signed and also your local laws. You'll want to confirm those details to be sure how to proceed. 

In my experience, this type of notice requires a physical notice on the property being leased (for example, taped to the door) or served through the mail. 

In the past, we were able to deliver other types of notices via text/email, such as the 24-hour notice to enter as described above (because we established that form of communication), but never the 3 Day Notice (Notice to vacate).

I'm curious to know what you find out about your local laws/process. Keep me updated!