Anyone familiar with Lansdowne, PA? Is it worth to House hack?

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My family and I are looking to purchase a single family home or duplex in Lansdowne, PA. From what I read it is an "up and coming"area, but taxes seem to be very high ( roughly 3,300 a year). We want to " house hack" a property using FHA or VA Loan. In my opinion only downside is the schools are subpar, but the location is great. ( trains to Philadelphia, hospitals, retail and some night entertainment)

Hi @Jenisis Roper Lansdowne (like most of Philly and Delco) is pretty block by block. There are some great blocks and some not so great. You are correct about schools and public transport. In general, the Northwestern part of the Borough is pretty nice and Southeastern is not as nice. Northeastern is ok and Southwestern is ok. That is VERY general so do your own research but that has been my experience. Being in the area is the best way to get a feel for it. I would recommend going there yourself and driving through some neighborhoods to see what you like. 

@Jenisis Roper the property taxes are high but the rents are relatively high for the purchase prices. Exactly what @Rich O'Neill said before- there are uglier parts, and a wide array of ARV's. The closer you get to Drexel Hill, typically the better the properties get.