Have you dealt with "Property Meld"?

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Has anyone had experiences, good or bad with Property Meld? My property management company, with over 300 offices uses them to schedule repairs for rental properties. I really dislike the system, because of poor communication from them, but that is my opinion. Have you had any experiences with Property Meld?

I know this is an older thread, but thought I'd reply to anyone asking the same question....

Yes. I use Property Meld, and it works great once you get your vendors to use it the way it's meant to be.  My tenants log in to request a repair and are prompted to pick 5 dates and times that work for them.

When the vendor gets it, they see the dates/times tenant is available, and they choose one. If they can't make one of those offered by the tenant, they can send the tenant what they have available.  Most of the work orders are scheduled within 5 minutes of me assigning them to the vendor.

The only issues we have are when vendors try to stay old school and keep calling tenants.  Tenants literally wont answer the phone if its an unknown number to them, even if we tell them to expect a call from ABC Vendor. People are funny.

So yes, I manage about 60 single family homes, and it has improved our process, and shorted the time orders are open simply due to more efficient scheduling.

John King

Bluefax Property Management