Fridge repair company 10 days out?

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we have a home warranty on our basement apartment in our home. The fridge stopped working last week. The tennis notified us on Monday, we looked at it Monday evening, I called on Tuesday to set up a repair with the Home Warranty company. They couldn't come out until the next week on Thursday, which is a total of 8 days. We supplied our tenants with a mini fridge. they were only in the apartment for two days with the mini fridge before they left on their honeymoon for one week. the repairman came today, which is the eighth day, and told me it's outside of his scope and he will have to send another repairman over, but they have been unusually busy lately. The office will call me to reschedule this. I'm now anticipating another week's wait for someone else to come out, and possibly more time if they need to order parts.

as the landlord, what is our responsibility and providing our tenants with a refrigerator? is supplying the mini-fridge enough for the two young people that are gone most of the day? Should we buy a secondary used fridge to put in our shared garage? Yes we're doing everything we can by contacting the home warranty and waiting for them, but two weeks is quite ridiculous to be without a refrigerator.

*I can't believe this company is taking 2 weeks to repair a fridge. If this was for my family of six, we would have an incredibly hard time making it without a refrigerator!

@Laura Johnson unfortunately that’s a common complaint against the home warranty companies. They make it rather difficult and time consuming to make repairs.

I would review your warranty and see what it says about time to repair. If you’re not getting the service they promised, might be worth trying for a refund and getting your own repair person.

As for the fridge, as long as it’s not something simple (tripped breaker, loose plug, temp set wrong) I’ve found it’s often just easier to replace. The big box stores can have a new one installed tomorrow.

But I would be honest with your tenants. You’re exasperated too... the common enemy is the repair company. See what they say. Some people don’t cook much and don’t need more than a mini fridge anyway. I’ve been surprised at how overly-accommodating some of my tenants can be if I just talk to them. :)