renting to someone with a pet potbelly pig

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No but would depend on the property.  Any local laws against it? How well trained is it?  IS it going to dig up the yard.  Other than that it seems like a big hairless dog.

@Aaron K.

Is the property in West Virginia or Arkansas ??

Maybe it’s years of my mom telling me my room looks like a pig sty ...but I think I would keep looking till I found somebody with a kitten or chihuahua instead

The male pigs smell less when they're fixed. Depending on the breed of pot belly they can range in weight; if the pig is older it's a good thing as the young ones grow like weeds and it's tough to know how big they'll get until they're adult. 

I've heard of indoor pigs getting anxious when they're alone and they can chew on the walls or try to tear up the flooring. 

Having said that many don't do this and they're actually very intelligent, are easily 'potty-trained' and can learn tricks.

Would I rent to someone with a pet pig? Depends on how nice the property is! 

Of course not the norm, but it may not be an issue depending on the property and your concerns. Some pigs will root and could potentially cause damage to flooring and doors. Damage could be said the same about dogs though. I think it’ll depend on the person!

If you watch Dr. Pol or any of the animal shows, you'll see that potbelly pigs are not really miniature.  Their size depends on how much they're fed.  They have to be on a strict diet to stay small, and most owners don't have the heart to restrict their food like that.  Here's an article about them as pets:

@Glenn McCrorey is this a real situation or hypothetical to spark a fun discussion? 

My initial thought is someone who makes a choice to be a renter and own a pet pig, seems to have bad decision making skills. That would lead me to question how responsible they would be as a tenant.

From a practical standpoint this animal could be 35 pounds up to 75 pound or more, so it could be very large. 

I would probably just say no, rather than try to learn about pigs. There is plenty of qualified tenants without pigs.

My friend's dad had a potbelly pig in a suburb of St. Louis.  It was smarter than I any dog and never had an accident.  That said, he owned his own house, I don't think I'd except that or a snake or mini pony or anything else as a pet other than a dog or cat.  

@Joe Splitrock I was reviewing an application and couldn't believe how great these people looked on paper, great income, credit scores, and it's a corporate move so they don't want to buy as they will only be here a few years..... then I saw the pig thing....  I did some research, appreciate all the input from fellow BP members then I made the decision to rent to them.  It is Iowa after all.... we shall see and I will share either way.

OK, 18 months ago I promised the BP community I would report on how it went with the potbelly pig (Daisy May).  The tenants were awesome.  I just did a walk-through today because they moved out.  No complaints, no damage, no smell.  I think it has as much to do with the character of the tenants as it does with the type of pet.   

@Glenn McCrorey   kudos to you for keeping your promise and making an update.  There are always some posts you read where you wonder how did that work out.  And it's also good that Daisy Mae and her family were good tenants!