Rentometer discount code

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Is there a rentometer discount code? Apparently I have been analyzing my A** off. I didn't realize there was a limit. $199 pro version of rentometer is available from the website.  if I can save a few more dollars, I would like to.  

For the record, and before anyone comments, I am exploring different markets.  No, I don't have a property manager on the ground in every city USA. So, I have to count on rentometer........ for now.  

Even if it was even close to being accurate(which it's not) I can't imagine paying for it. You can go on Zillow and see actual listings for any area you're interested in. Look at time on market and any listing 2-3 months on market without major defects(including location) is overpriced.

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So a rep from rentometer reached out to me personally and gave me the discount code because of this post. That speaks directy to the power of BP. Sure, you could search craigslist, or Zillow, or some other source to figure rent but its pretty freaking cool to have it right there in the analysis tool on my BRRRR calculator. Shoot, I could create a spreadsheet on excel and not buy the BP calculator... but i bought it anyway, so...... The code is BP60 and BP50. The BP60 is for $60 off of the yearly membership. The BP50 is for 50% of the monthly membership. YOUR WELCOME!

I like Rentometer and use it frequently.  However I would recommend examining every property in the comparable and throw out the ones that are not actually comparable or similar.   This could include both low and high rent properties.  Then do the calculations again manually after exporting to EXCEL.   This may give you a more realistic number.   For example for some of my C Class Duplexes they are near new developments with A Type Duplexes.   The A duplexes rent for at least $200 to $300 more per unit but Rentometer pulls them into the analysis which skews the analysis high.  I throw these out as they are not comparable.   I also still manually search Trulia, Zillow, and Craigslist for comparable properties.   Then I set the rent at the lower end and so it is almost impossible for the tenant to find a lower rent or cannot recover the cost to move due to the difference.    Seems to work.  I have only lost 1 tenant on the last 30 rent raises in the last 2 years  even though the rent raises were super aggressive  (15-20% in 2 years) due to rapidly acceleration of rents in my area !