Chase after owed balance after eviction

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I have filed for writ of possession and the police lockout is happening this month. They still owe me $4500 plus post judgement interest. What is the most effective way to chase this amount? Collections? Wage garnishment? Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

Have you solicited any collection agencies? They usually take a cut but 60% of something is more than -0-. 

File a judgment against them in court. You should be able to go to the courthouse and do it yourself. Otherwise, you can hire an attorney. 

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@Jessica Bridges judgement already filed and granted. It's only a piece of paper, just like the lease is a piece of paper they refused to honor. I wanted to ask with the judgement in hand, what can I do to enforce it?

You can go back to court and attach their wages and assets in a lot of states.

They may switch jobs to try and dodge it, but if you chase them to the next one quickly, they will probably give up after it happens once or twice. You likely don't even need a lawyer (small claims), so you're only paying the court costs.

Just make sure you know the laws around debt collection. It's simpler than landlord / tenant law, but you do need to make sure you don't accidentally break them. For example, there are required notices that have to go on all communications. 

If you go to a collection agency, it's important to pick a reputable one - some of them are kinda shady / don't do everything legally.