Water Problems In Duplex

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I own a duplex in Parkersburg, WV and the tenant on one side says their water quit working last night. The duplex shares a meter and the tenant on the other side is having no water problems. The water company came out and checked, and they said water was flowing through the meter. Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem may be?

@Bobby Foggin

1) do you have permission to enter? If you want, check it yourself. If not, then:

2) Does your lease require your tenant to get bids for work? If not, get it looked at ASAP.

Keep us posted!

@Bobby Foggin

Ok just make sure you don’t toy around with it. If the water company says the main is on, and the tenant says the water isn’t...then the water is going SOMEWHERE. With the freezing temps in Parkersburg this week, worst case scenario is your pipe from main to the duplex side is broke. Gonna be a pricy water bill, at least, and might be a flood.

Sorry about worst case scenario...just make sure it’s not going to damage your investment.

@Bobby Foggin

Glad to hear it wasn’t worse. But if they are freezing, you may need to insulate a bit before the hard winter freeze so it doesn’t bust in the future.

Safe travels back from Illinois!

Always start with the simplest fixes.

1. The main is on. Great.

2. Is the water meter spinning wildly. Yes, fix the leak. No, look elsewhere.

3. Check all of the internal shut off valves. One of your tenants or their child may have turned the water off to the second unit by shutting a valve in the basement, crawl space or behind the washing machine.

4. Check to see if the water was originally shared with a next door neighbor. We don't see this very often but "occasionally" this is the fact. The duplex may have been built to house a family member of someone who who lived in a nearby home. If the water is off next door you might be the first to know.

5. In older homes with galvanized plumbing the pipes get clogged with gunk. Replace any galvanized pipes.

6. The pipes may be frozen. If so, get them thawed out and prepare for them to flood the place if they already burst. ON a basement, check outside walls. On a crawl space make sure the ventilation windows are all closed.


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