Rent control in Los Angeles

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Thanks Lee!  Yes, I am familiar with paying relocations to tenants.  I have actually offered my current tenant $30,000.00 cash to leave, but she declined. It is Los Angeles, so there is a lot of money on the table.  I will read up and proceed with caution. thanks! Do you live in L.A.?  I see your investments are out of state. 

@Tamar Hermes

I live in LA and am an agent/developer/investor in LA. I also invest out of state. 

If your tenant has declined the 30k and you want to move into the unit then you'll be able to legally evict her. You will take that unit off the rental market. Look at that link I sent, it outlines the process. You'll still have to pay her relocation fees but they are under 30k. 

Oh! I didn’t realize you were local. We should definitely connect. I just bought one property out of state and i am working on some hard money lending and I am in syndication deals. I would love more partnerships. 

The duplex is stacked and the bottom unit is the same size. I was told by an attorney that I need to get rid of the newest tenant fIrst. I finally came up with doing a single family so that I can take it off the market. It is sad cause it is her home, but she has lived there for 10 years and i will lose a substantial amount if I try to sell with her in it. I read that she can appeal to stay an extra year too! 

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@Tamar Hermes

I know, tenant rights in LA are tough to deal with. You know about an Ellis Act eviction, right? 

@Mark Hentemann  and I are hosting this meetup on Wednesday if you're able to make it! The info is under the events page. 

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