Handyman / Gardener / SnowRemover salary ???

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I am currently rehabbing a 3 family home in West Philadelphia.  It isn't in the best location, but I am hoping it will generate a nice cash flow for me.  There is a neighbor there who is excellent!  I hired him to clean out the home and do some odd jobs around the home.  He has proven to be very useful, especially because he is my eyes and ears.   He immediately lets me know when something is going on with the property.  He is always available to open the door for contractors, etc.  I travel a lot and live far away.  I'd like to pay him to do lawn care, snow removal, and perhaps coordinate future repair issues with my future tenants....but mostly to be my eyes and ears.  I'm not sure what type of payment would be fair and even how to pay him.  I was thinking of paying him a monthly amount.   What amount would be fair?  Also, he isn't going to be my employee, but a type of contract worker, right?  I'm not sure how to handle it or what type of contract to draw up with him.  

@Alyse Oz   That's great to hear you found someone you can trust - it's everything!  I have a guy like that, and I just asked what he wants for an hourly rate, and pay him for that.  Some months are more hours than others, so it's fair to both of us.  

Yes, that way it's also more of a contractor position, I deduct the expenses off Sch E on my tax returns.

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