Finding a qualified tenant

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I am struggling to find a qualified tenant. Anyone have suggestions on how find one?

Thanks in advance.

Have realistic standards and a reasonably priced unit. Highly qualified tenants don't apply to rentals that are 20% over market value. It might be time to do a new rental CMA

I would look at my competition and see how I compared.  There are several areas that might be the culprit- 

price - you might be over market price - reprice accordingly (it is always better to get slightly less prr month but have no vacancy that be top of the market pricing and have to give concessions, have vacancies, etc- simple math will help here) 

LL/PM demeanor - are you treating potential applicants professionally?  

Applicant criteria- is your applicant criteria reasonable for type of rental? 

and finally is the unit in good condition, is it clean etc? 

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