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I'm relatively new to the investing and landlord world. I rented my condo out for the last couple years and used based off of a google search and because it was free.

I’m looking for some recommendations on property management programs/websites! I plan on collecting properties from here on out and want a source easy for the renters as well as me.

Thank you!!

If you're scaling up it may make more sense to deal with a platform that caters to property owners with a larger portfolio of REI. However, in the full spirit of transparency, if you still have a smaller REI portfolio then you should probably stick with what you currently use because you'll end up shelling out a lot more money to other services whose target market is much larger than the small, 1 to 15 unit rental owner. There are other tools out there though which may be worth looking into (ie. when your tenants pay rent online they can report those online payments to the credit bureaus which can boost their scores by up to 40 points). You may run into transfer limits and slower payment processing times with some of those other apps which aren't necessarily designed for the purpose of rent collection (venmo, zelle, etc) but the right landlord software can make this seamless for you. Either way, you have some great options. Congrats on scaling up. I hope this information helps!

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