Advice Needed on how much $ to charge for damage

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Looking for advise on how much to charge a tenant for a damaged floor. Tenant is moving out. Time to return security deposit. There is obvious and irreversible damage to 4 tiles in a galley kitchen. The cost of replacing the 4 tiles is $150 but it will be a missed match floor. The current tile on the floor is not aviable for purchase. I dont believe replacing 4 tiles and having a missed match floor is fare to me. Replacing the entire floor is $1700. What is a fair charge for thr damage? Im not looking to charge her full amount for a new floor. Whats reasonable?

@Megan Ritz I would check the tenant laws for NY.  Here in California, you'd have to prorate the cost of the floor and the time shes lived there and the standard lifespan of the item. 

@Amy Aziz can you walk me through an example of how to do this pro rating?? She lived there 8 years. Floor would have lasted another 20 years. Not sure when floor was installed. It was there when I bought the place.

If the floor costs $1700 and she lived there for 8 years (let's pretend it was new when she moved in) and has a total life of 25 years, that works out to $68/year.  There would have been 17 years remaining, so $1156.

The example provided by @Theresa Harris is similar to one that include in my lease as an example of how we prorate damage to property that must be replaced, and can't be repaired and is still within its useful life. Siding is an example. We also have a formula for painting, since it has a useful life as well.

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