North Country Problems

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I will be utilizing a snow remover for the units I do not live at this winter. The snow remover says after he blows the snow he wouldn't mind salting the premise if I provide the salt and it is easily accessible. My questions is:

Do you find it problematic if I leave snow salt out in a tote underneath the building awning? Keep in mind, two apartment entrances are under the same awning. The tenants are young adults.

The alternative would be to lock up the salt in the maintenance shed but that would require providing the snow remover a key and will add additional steps to his already busy snow removing route. Thoughts?

@Bjorn Ahlblad

Thanks for the input. I wan't sure if it would be unprofessional to keep salt out or if it would cause other problems. 

If children were living on premise I could see this being problematic but there aren't any children.

Thanks again.

Leave it out. This allows your tenants access to the sale in case of really bad weather. For example, snow removal could take place at 8am and then you get another 12 inches that afternoon.

Agree with @Nathan G. - Leave it out. It is a nice gesture to provide it for the residents to make their lives a little easier, not necessary, as they can buy it themselves, but is a nice gesture as long as it is not imposing or causing any issues to kids/pets as noted above.