Canton Inspection and insurance

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Hi, just reaching out to local Canton OH (or area invertors).  I can do the obligatory search in Home Advisor or the like... but was wondering if any local investors had any recommendations, or first hand experience, with an inspection company or individual and where they have found luck / good rates with local insurance provider specifically for rental properties.  Thanks BP Group.  Tom

@Thomas Stevenson . I only ever used a home inspector once and dont remember the guys name. For insurance definitely hit up Levi Gregory with State Farm Insurance. Hes in North Canton. Super good guy and knows his stuff. Tell him I sent you

Just for grins, try out an independent agent and compare.  Most have boutique underwriters in their portfolio that can usually kick the big guys butts in price/performance.  Everyone is super easy to deal with when you are buying, not everyone is super easy to deal with when you need to claim.

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