Divorce not yet final

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The applicant I like the best for my rental is nearing the end of a divorce process which will be final Dec. 2. His lease with me would start Dec 1. Wondering if the court's ruling, if it affects his finances, should be made part of his lease. His current lease, for a property he moved into over a year ago, has no mention of the divorce issue. I am in the process of doing tenant backgrounders for him & his partner. Since I have o control or knowledge of court ruling, will have to wait and see if his income will shrink. If this is discriminatory, I'm sure you will flag me on it. Right now he is more than qualified.

@Jane S. We moved in a tenant a few months ago who is at the beginning of his divorce. He qualified in every way, there was no reason to not approve him. Had he been marginal we would have rented to someone else. All the best!

He is either qualified or he isn't. And, you cannot set forth financial qualifications in a lease; it would be the equivalent of saying that he can't get ill, lose his job, change jobs, date/marry/divorce, get hit by a bus, have a bad day, be in a car accident...you know, life happens whether we want it to or not. The best indicator of how he will pay/live is how he has paid/lived in the past. If his credit is solid and you've received a good recommendation from his last landlord, move forward. It's not worth the worry...