Wifi Lockbox / Mail Storage

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I am looking for a solution to a key fob entry for my apartment building.  We run several Airbnb units and the building requires a key fob for entry (we use smart locks for the units).  I am trying to find a smart lockbox (10-30 boxes) which will generate limited time codes (either time frame or can be used only twice).  Does anyone have a solution that has worked for them?  We would want the ability for permanent codes as well (owners / cleaning service to verify fobs returned).  Something similar to "latch" locks for a lockbox would be perfect.  Prefer integration with airbnb automation software as well. 

Sam, did you ever find a solution?  I'm amazed that there isn't a product for this.  We're looking for something to use for AirBnB rentals so that we don't have to hide a key somewhere outside.  We have wifi on site so a solution that the codes can be remotely changed over wifi would be perfect, but we can't seem to find anything that has good reviews.

Unfortunately we have not found a good solution to our key fob problem.  We have an automated smart lock solution for z-wave locks that will work if your entry to units is accessible without a key fob.  PM if you want more details.  Only solution we have found for our key fob problem is keycafe which is overly expensive in our opinion vs a traditional lockbox method. Also getting wifi to the entry of the building is very expensive. 

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