Do RUBS count as rental increase?

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I’m trying to figure out if implementing a RUBS program will affect the overall percent I can increase rent for a duplex I own?

I’ve seen AB1482, the new brilliantly crafted (read: astonishingly shortsighted) rent control bill here in California but unless I missed it, it doesn’t specify what exactly is being artificially controlled with the legislation?

Basically, my question is whether or not I can increase the rent 5% + CPI and do the RUBS when the leases expire or if the RUBS would be counted toward the 5%?

Any insight is appreciated!

Kyle - I have only read up on this briefly - Are you already charging your tenants for the utilities? The way I am reading this is that their lease would be renewed and if this is not already implemented in their lease you may hit a bump in the road. I may be reading this incorrectly though. My best advice would be to have an attorney look over your current lease and let you know how to legally go about doing this.

Hi @Catherine Emert . That’s what I was concerned with. I pay for water/sewer/trash. They only pay for their electricity and gas. I was intending on starting a RUBS for the remainder of the utilities when their lease expires along with a rent increase. This Bill may throw a wrench in my plan though

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