Renting to Disaster Relief Victim

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Looking for some advice. My rental is listed, and I have a few applications that I aim to respond to by tomorrow (11/15/2019). However, I received a message from someone at a company called ALE Solutions (website here) asking if I'd be interested in renting for 6 months to a family displaced by a house fire, then going month-to-month after that while waiting to get back to their home. They offered to pay "higher rent" to make it worth my time. I have not responded yet. This is a bit out of the ordinary for me, s I thought I'd post. 

Anyone ever done this? Company looks real, but I have absolutely no idea if this is a good idea. 

Michael - I have had this situation in the past when I was more involved in a larger property management company. The response we ALWAYS gave, due to fair housing laws, was that we'd be happy to have the submit an application. Do your own due diligence on not only the company but the applicants. You want to always make sure you are protecting yourself and your investment.