Curable Perform or Quit Advice Needed

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I noticed during routine maintenance that the tenant was allowing her pets to urinate on the floor and causing damage to the laminate flooring. Both wet and dry urine were discovered in multiple places. Pee pads futilely scattered everywhere. I served a Curable Perform or Quit notice asking that she address the issue. Now I would like to verify that the issue has been corrected.

I'm looking for advice on how to essentially "catch her in the act," so that she isn't just cleaning up the messes right before I see the property, then let it continue once I leave. Should I schedule a repair and try to “catch” the issue still going on? I know that she just leaves her pets at home the whole day every day, so I have a hard time believing she’ll be able to correct the issue.


Piddle pads should be in one area so the animal is trained to go in the same spot. This tenant is not using them properly. Frankly, she shouldn't be using them at all but different strokes for different folks.

I would serve notice and require her to pass an inspection within 72 hours. She'll manage to clean it up and pass.

If the house is damaged or there is a pet odor or some other problem, you can demand she repair it within 14 days or move out. If she opts to stay, follow up on the deadline and inspect to ensure the problem is repaired to your satisfaction. If not, give her notice and get rid of her. 

She's not going to magically stop using piddle pads so the problem will only be hidden. Stay on her until she's gone, document every issue with pictures to protect yourself.

Great advice, Nathan. Thank you.

I've served the first notice. Is the 14-day notice another Curable Perform or Quit, or is there another form I use for that?

I asked to verify that the issue had been corrected. The tenant stated that she needs to have her friend from work there who is an expert in tenant rights. So now my ability to verify is based on that person's availability. She's also refusing me entry to do agreed upon pest control and repairs.

I feel that she has needlessly escalated this. I have photos of the damage and urine. I'm going to get an eviction attorney on next week.