Newbie Looking to Invest in the Fayetteville area of NC

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My husband and I are newbie investors looking to do our first BRRRR deal in the Fayetteville, NC area. We live in California so this will be a long distance situation. Looking for recommendations for realtors, property managers and contractors to build our rockstar core 4. Thank you I'm advance for your help.

Hi @Shannon Garst I am a long distance investor too. I am looking in the Greensboro area. I am looking to network with other BRRRR investors (and possibly provide some Hard money loans out of an SDIRA). I am also interested in doing my own deals apart from the hard money.

Hey Shannon good luck in Fayetteville. Shoot me a PM. BP isn't letting me send the agents info on the forum. I have a wholesaler in that area that sends out some good deals from time to time as well. @matt hotze I'm in investor/agent in Greensboro. Happy to help fellow investors in and out of the area.

I buy a lot of property in Fayetteville. It's a good little town to invest in.

I talked about my BRRRR strategy on the podcast, and I've written about buying on the BP blog quite a bit.

Team building is the most important. 

Originally posted by @Shannon Garst :

Hi @Matt Hotze . Thank you for reaching out. Would love to network with you as well. As I said, we are new investors so still learning a lot. What is SDIRA?

Shannon Garst

Self Directed IRA... Basically you can use your IRA for REI. Pretty awesome strategy. Welcome to the Fayetteville investment market. It has been incredibly competitive here. The barrier for entry has been slowly creeping upwards this year and delayed financing is your best bet to get into the game.

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