Would you rent to an applicant who didnt file tax returns

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This woman can't substantiate her earnings, since she didnt file tax returns in 2017 or 2018. Dont know if she ever did. She uses 2 last names, and her kids have a 3rd last name. No child support or alimony.  She says she makes $5K a month "net" and didnt know what her deductions came to. Hasn't been able to show pay stubs or records, and her supervisor is never available. Just one example of the time wasters out there. Her employer wanted me to pay $42 for them to verify her pay rate and how long she worked there. She's a RN so she must have some smarts. She also owes a fair amount of money around town, accounts in collection.

When I  read your posts I am always shocked that you know and care about each prospects marriage status, offspring status, etc etc. its odd.

Income? sure 

credit? Sure.... 

but familial questions? That goes against fair housing rules.....

I would not rent to her because she has a fair amount in collections around town.  I do not want to be added to her list.  

For proof of income she should be able to show you deposits into her bank account if her work does automatic deposits.  I would guess they do as if she cashed a check she would know the net amount she got when she cashed it.  

My requirement is that applicants make 3x the rent in verifiable income.

"I'm sorry, but I require you to verify your income with pay stubs, tax statements, or something official. Without documentation, I am unable to rent to you."

Why even consider her? Hopefully you've already developed and published fair-housing compliant screening criteria that includes verifiable income. She's already causing you stress and she hasn't even moved in yet- highly doubtful that will improve once you have a contract with her. Wait for a prospective tenant who plays by the rules from the get go- the ones who play games from the start will cause you nothing but headaches. 

@Jane S. No, I wouldn't rent to anyone who doesn't file their taxes in two years. I remembered having this issue in NJ 4yrs ago; when I pulled her background check reports, I saw that she owes IRS an additional 30K and plans to pay or settle that with IRS. So, in my opinion, it is a big NO!

Its possible that she's an RN that works for herself through a 1099 so everything is take home pay but that doesn't exclude the fact that she can't verify income or show submitted taxes.

Originally posted by @Mary Mitchell :

When I  read your posts I am always shocked that you know and care about each prospects marriage status, offspring status, etc etc. its odd.

Income? sure 

credit? Sure.... 

but familial questions? That goes against fair housing rules.....

"but familial questions? That goes against fair housing rules....." - Some questions may be against fair housing rules but all landlord applications need to know the number of people that will be living in the home and what relation are they to the responsible party, yes? What if she's looking at a studio but wants to move in 5 people?..Imagine having a tenant with a different name than the one you rented to? Identity theft is a big issue


How about when the IRS catches up and garnishes her wages for back taxes? 

Then how will she pay rent

@Anthony Rosa yes, of course the kids would be on the application (if it went that far), but the OP has a track record of posting information about female prospects and seems to have information and conclusions that could only come from asking questions that are discriminatory in nature. 

I posted this as a kind of joke showing how completely unqualified people think they can get away with renting a nice place. She also lied about being evicted, she was "asked to leave" her last rental b/c she stopped paying rent and all other payments were 2-3 weeks late. The IRS garnishing her is very scary indeed. Can't argue with that. Thanks for the new info!

Unless someone is self-employed and their tax returns are a part of their verifiable income, I wouldn't know if they file taxes.

Am I missing an important question to be asking?

@Jane S.

There is nothing about your post that makes me think I’d ask to verify anything at all. Everything you said shows she is not a good applicant. Just move on.

After "this tenant can't substantiate her earnings" I move on to the next applicant. 

Why even bother to expend energy on this issue? 

This tenant is drama from the get-go. Let her go! 

Hi Jane,  In WI, we utilize a  Screening Criteria Form which advises every applicant of the needed information to approve their application.  If you use this criteria for all applicants, it really saves you time.  In this case, I would Not accept her application as she didn't submit the required information.  

Originally posted by @Tyler Phalen :

@Mary Mitchell

I don’t know about her other posts but those aren’t familial questions. They’re questions of supplemental income and do not go against fair housing laws.

You seem to have missed the part where she knows the woman is single, how many kids, their names....etc.


@Jennifer T. Not necessarily - sounds like this all came out through natural conversation when the applicant asked how to verify income.

If you require income verifications its a good idea to list the acceptable docs on your application for predetermined consistency purposes.

@Jane S.

I have a tenant that doesn’t have any proof of income. I gave him a chance and haven’t had a problem. He got behind once, but got caught up. As long as I’m paid and they take care of my property, I don’t care what their situation is with their employment.

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