Seeking Advice for my Rental Portfolio

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Hello all, I'm looking for input as to what the pros and cons would be for

some options I'm considering.

I currently have an 8 SFR portfolio with remaining balances ranging from $3k to $96k (see attached screenshot). I've been considering putting all of my monthly profits towards paying off my properties and getting the snowball of mortgage-free cashflow started.

I'm currently in the Air Force, 35 years old, and have about 8 years until retirement. It would be great to have them paid off by the time I retire so I can be done working for good at that point... Military retirement + mortgage-free cash flow. I'm not married to that idea as I have will have a lot of good job prospects after retirement based on my job, it's just an option I've thought about.

What pros and cons do you see with the early payoff strategy? Any advice either way? 

Thanks all!


Keep a good sized maintenance fund set aside. Once your cash is gone, it’s gone.  Then use the debt snowball, and pay off one at a time.