Security window bars for tenants in LA, CA

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Question: do I as a landlord need to provide security window bars for a tenant in Los Angeles if he feels unsafe? Random people have walked in the back of the unit and the tenant is demanding that I put security windows or else he will file a lawsuit with his lawyer for unsafe living condition and emotional distress if I don't do it. 

What I am providing is locks on the front gate so it is this tenant and other tenants in the building's responsibility to lock it. I personally feel that I don't need to put security bars, but am I legally required? I know it is a threat but I want to cover my side legally. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. 


Tu Anh

You may want to check with a property manager or an attorney in the area. The code only requires windows that properly lock, Civil Code 1941.3. (a)(2). If you do decide to install bars, you'll need to make sure it meets the state building code.

There are bars you can put on the window railing.

It's cheap, but I dont know if your tenant will be satisfied. They sound high-maintenance. 

If you do end up installing the bars with some kind of safety release system, you may be able to get 50% of that back from a temporary rent increase. Here's the link for how to increase the rent from Capital Improvement: