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I am in the process of finding a tenant for my first ever rental property. Today someone called me and asked if he can get a discount on his monthly rent since he is in law enforcement. Is this something that is typically done, and if so, what type of discount is offered? He requested $50-100 off each month’s rent.

Why does this person think they are entitled to that ? What are you ? UNICEF ? 
id tell him to go pound salt . Does the lender or tax man or insurance company give you a big discount for being a landlord putting up with idiots everyday ?

Ok..... Do you get your BAC threshold increased from 0.08% to 0.1% in case you get stopped for suspicion of DUI because you are a landlord?



I guess i could see some merit in discounting a LEO if your apartment complex is in the hood and you would benefit from having his cruiser parked outside every night, but other than that, tell him to go kick rocks.

I would never give someone a discount because they are X.  I feel that can start getting into the murky world of discrimination, even if it is not intentional discrimination.  Because not everyone has equal opportunities within protected groups to be in whatever X is.  In this case, law enforcement.

But if I'm open to negotiation (I'm usually not) anyway, I might phrase it like, "I don't give law enforcement discounts.  But, as long as you pass my screening requirements with flying colors, I can work with offering the house to you for $Y, instead of $Z." 

There are a lot of apartments that are discounted for law enforcement officers in exchange for them to provide some service to the complex. These position are usually disclosed and approved by their employer and they are usually not authorized to make law enforcement activity. However they can provide security and deterrence to the complex.

However I have not seen this kind of incentive in sfh.

LEO is not entitled to a discount. However under certain conditions they are at times..... 

My mentor owns a large apartment building in the heart of a complete ghetto. The building is overrun with drug dealers, dope addicts and gang members. The complaints from tenants were so bad he offered local police "Free Rent" for one year in order to bring Police Presence into the building with the hopes of reducing crime complaints. That was in March of 2018 and as of today no officer has accepted the offer lol

I'd say no to the discount.  Whenever an applicant started out with requesting a discount, or complaining about this or that, or asking or demanding that we provide this or that (from blackout curtains to guarantees of never smelling cigarette smoke...), I learned over many years and many tenants that this is a tenant I will have wished I'd never rented to.

So, take it from me, if there is any way you can deny this applicant, do it.  They will never stop demanding things, complaining about things, etc.

I come from a long line of Irish cops.  None would ever ask for special treatment because they were cops.

Now, if you ran a donut shop in the hood, well, they might not be adverse to a free donut.  But, they'd never expect a discount on rent.

If you need security, I suggest paying for it separately, because you can easily fire them.  Way easier than trying to evict a tenant who was supposed to also be supplying security for a discount on the rent.

Welcome to the world of landlording where you need to become really comfortable with the word "no."

I have many uncles who were police.  Some were great, the nicest people you could ever  hope to meet.  But others were horrid people.  My dad refused to let one into our house because he kept stealing the change, our kid's allowance, off our dressers where we kept it.  He was abusive, verbally, to everyone.  Nasty hateful person who thought he was better than others.  And, yeah, the type of person who would not only ask for a discount, but demand one.

So, just because they are police, does not mean they would be good tenants.

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