Where to buy linoleum flooring to match rental property floor

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I have to do a turnover on a rental and I literally need 3 squares of tile that need to be replaced but I cant find tiles that match what I have.

What I have is a standard 12X12 linoleum floor.  The pattern is an older parquet faux wood pattern. The tenants screwed up 3 squares.  I can either replace them or the entire kitchen and living room floor.  

I have tried Home Depot and Lowes looking for a match.  Any suggestions?

NOPE that is not it. It is not stocked by either home depot or lowes, I have already checked both. 

@Josh Caldwell

You may not find a match.

There’s different dye lots and patterns.

There’s probably about 20-30 different flooring manufacturers, and much of them have dozens of designs.

You may want to bring a damaged tile to a local flooring dealer and have them order you a box.

Sometimes you get lucky and the person that installed it may have left a partial box in the basement, attic or closet.

You could also peel some up from under the fridge or stove and place the damaged ones back there.

Not ideal, but it’ll get you by.

@Josh Caldwell Take a picture of a single tile and do a google image search (or use google lens if your phone supports it), you might be able to find a vendor online.