Tenant change locks without permission Virginia Rental Property

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My tenant change the locks of the property without permission (property in Virginia). This tenant has also not paid rent for the month. What is my best line of action. Thanks in advance!

Does you contract address changing locks? It should if it doesn't. Comply with your contract. ie, get a key from them or start an eviction. (soon, don't wait, not even a few days)

I know a landlord who would take an old key and go to the house and break it off in the lock . When the tenant would call he would tell them he will be over to collect the rent while he was there

I had a tenant do this. I just Gave the minimum notice required and when and changed the locks to one I had keys to. Once they called I went back over and charged them for the locks and installation. And I haven’t had a problem since. 

However for you I’d just start the eviction now.  They changed the locks as a power play.  

What we do in this situation is give the tenant notice that we are going over to change the locks and tell them to contact us to coordinate getting a new key if they can’t be there.  Then we would bill them for the cost of doing so. And of course, file an unlawful detainer to move forward with judgment and possession.  

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