What Software do you use for Property Management?

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Trying to decide on a property management software for 50+ doors or so. If you manage that number of doors, what software do you use? What do you like about it? What do you wish was better about it? What are its pros and cons from your experience?

Hi Kelly,

I manage 15 properties in two states with over 50 doors in total with multiple owners and i manage everything using QB.  Set up with a company file established as a clearing house, tracks rent in, expenses and owner payments out.  Took me a bit to get a good process of SD tracking and monthly owner's reports, but its working pretty smoothly at this moment.  Since I already owned the program to run books for other businesses it was an economical choice for a growing PM business.

I will tell you that I fully plan to shift to AppFolio once i grow to closer to 75 units.  AppFolio has a min charge of over $200/mo and doesn't seem worth it to me until i'm slightly bigger.  I plan to use AppFolio based on the personal reviews of other PMs in my area who can't say enough good about it.

Thanks, David. I'm in a similar situation, but for kinda complicated reasons need to switch away from Quickbooks now. I'm looking at AppFolio, because I've also heard good things about it; but you're right, it's a little spendy for fewer units.